Initial Contact: 

Contact us by phone, email or through this website (Click Here) to learn more and schedule your Initial Intake Appointment.


Initial Intake Appointment:

We will meet for an Initial Intake appointment to learn more about you and determine if Walk and Talk Therapy is right for you. We will establish an individualized treatment plan and identify specific goals that we will work on together through our sessions. The Initial Intake appointment will last approximately one hour and will take place at a central location in San Diego.


Walk and Talk Therapy Sessions:

Each session will be 50 minutes. We will meet at your selected location and enjoy a purposeful walk while engaging in the therapy session. Each session will end with a review of your goals. It is important that you feel your needs are being addressed and that you are making progress in achieving your goals and improving your overall happiness.

*Dress comfortably and for the weather. Be sure to bring supportive footwear for the walk as well as layers in case of weather changes.