How is Walk and Talk Therapy different from traditional therapy?

Walk and Talk Therapy gives you two important benefits for the price of one! You will have an opportunity to address your emotional needs with an experienced and qualified therapist while getting that fresh air and exercise that you are always trying to find time for. Life is busy- Walk and Talk Therapy allows you to maximize your precious time to address your physical and emotional needs simultaneously. Please refer to the Research Section for more information on the benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy.


What should I wear to the session?

You should dress comfortably with supportive footwear. Be sure to consider the weather and bring layers in case it cools down or warms up during your session.


What happens if it is raining?

We live in San Diego! Luckily rain is not usually a factor for us here. All sessions will take place as scheduled with the exception of the occurrence of consistent rain. If it is raining on the day of your scheduled session you will be able to reschedule for another time.


Can anyone participate in Walk and Talk Therapy?

It is encouraged that you speak with your doctor to determine if Walk and Talk Therapy is appropriate for you if you have concerns regarding your health or medical condition.


What if I feel I am out of shape and not sure if I can do the walk?

Each Walk and Talk session will be tailored to the individual. We will go at a pace and distance that is appropriate for you. The most important thing is that you are getting some fresh air and moving.